The traditional church has been challenged to fit into the Law Enforcement Officer’s Life. The schedule of odd hours, demands of the job, and dealing with certain segments of culture has presented layers of obstruction. Ten Thirty Three is uniquely designed to meet the Law Enforcement Officer where he/she is at. Get ready for a one of kind, specially designed journey, into God’s plan for your life as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Police officers have historically communicated by using a set of ten codes while transmitting on the radio and other modes of communication.  The most memorable code in some departments is the “emergency, officer needs assistance” or “distress” code.  In my career it was 10-33.  This code was the instinctive code that was drilled into an officer when imminent danger existed.  All radio transmissions were suspended to enable help to be delivered.  If there was a time in the life of a public safety officer where there was an emergency, distress, or cry for help in the law enforcement community, it is now.  That cry can be heard by God through Jesus Christ. And Jesus said if anyone denies me here on earth, I will deny that person before my Father in heaven. (Matthew 10-33 NLT).  Help is in route by confession with your mouth and believing in your heart (Romans 10:9)

This organization was started to meet the specific needs of law enforcement officers.  It is a faith based leadership program focusing on character, integrity, and morality.  The module is executed through small group meetings, online media, and speaking engagements.  Contact us to find out how to start a small group in your area.

13 Responses to “About”
  1. nancy brawley says:


  2. As a Law Enforcement Officer, I am excited about this ministry. The vision Colonel Bailey has for this and his love for officers and their families shows that being an Officer of the Law doesn’t mean you have to become cynical towards human beings. While being a Police Officer has its challenges, if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, the love for people and serving them shows in the way an Officer carries him/herself. Matthew 10:33 is very simple to understand. I look forward to working with Colonel Bailey and all Officers who will not deny our Lord but will EMBRACE THE CROSS. God Bless all the men and women who serve their communities and we pray that you all go home safe at the end of your shift.

    • Phillip Rea says:

      I worked w/a Deputy Woody Brawley, he is one of the finest men I ever had the pleasure of working with. God Bless you and your family

  3. sarah voth says:

    Way to go dad!! Very excited about this new avenue and season in your life!!

  4. Jim Paxon says:

    Very cool! I enjoyed the posts.

  5. Mike Dawson says:

    Colonel, This is so great. Been waiting a long time for this. I can’t wait to start spreading the word (about 10-33)!

  6. George K. Coffman says:

    This is an outstanding idea. If I may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call.

    George K. Coffman
    Major, AHP (Ret.)

  7. john carter says:

    This is an outstanding progrom and i would like to know more about. I am a Chaplain with the Little Rock Police Department for the past ten years and it had been an honor to serve.

    • Thank you for your comment, sir. Your service to the community and the department is priceless. Your may contact me through the website or in person or by phone. I would love to share 10-33 with you in more detail. Detective Brawley with the LRPD is familar with how to contact me.

      Colonel John R. Bailey

  8. NANCY BRAWLEY says:

    I am praying that this ministry reach to all law enforcement and their families as it is truely a well needed light for all of us. God bless!

    • “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results”. (James 5:16 NLT). Thank you for opening your heart to this great need in our society. Part of the coming success will be shared by you and your intercession.

      Colonel John R. Bailey
      Founder 10-33

  9. Phillip Rea says:

    Thank you Colonel, for yet another avenue of Blessings for our Country’s Finest.

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